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RMFC Memories

Other peoples images

These are images that members may have taken and asked to be included. They may not necessarily fit the titles of other folders.

Real Aircraft over the field

These are images of real aircraft taken from the field.

Retro Day, UKCAA guests, May 2014

A planned event with RMFC hosting a fly in by members of the UKCAA, (United Kingdom Classic Aerobatics Association), an association formed to forward the style of modelling and flying from the period of 1960's to 1980's. A good number of flyers and helpers from this group turned up and where greeted warmly by the Retford members, whom were treated to a day of fine flying from these retro aeroplane pilots. The weather was fantastically hot for the time of year only marred by a very strong wind, fortunately blowing down the strip, this still made landing very difficult indeed with a lot of ground turbulence being encountered. Retford members were also in the air showing off their skills and the atmosphere was brilliant. Tea/coffee was on tap all day with the barbie being fired up and a raffle was also held. The day went very well and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the day, an event I am sure to see repeated.

Family Day, July 2014

Our yearly planned event, started out with good weather but the forecast was not good and proved to be correct with monsoon style rain and a thunderstorm hitting the field around 2pm. Fortunately the building clouds gave most people time to prepare and either pack away or cover up the vital equipment before the rain finally hit. Once it came down it lasted for approximately an hour and the field was flooded, see images, but within 15 minutes of it stopping the ground was good to go. The event was well supported with quite a few guests and children wanting to try their hand on the buddy box. The barbeque was fired up and people were really enjoying themselves and then the heavens opened, During this period of rain many people decided to leave, probably thinking that was it for the day, however a few stayed on, even firing the barbe up again and set their aircraft up and flew enjoying the improving weather until around 6 pm. Check out the close up images and see if you can find the flying models they belong to, no prizes and no answers to help you.

Family Day Archives

Here you will find older albums of the clubs family days.

Scale Day Archives

Here you will find older scale day albums.

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