2015 UKCAA

Retford Model Flying Club welcomed members of the UKCAA to their flying site on the 10th May, the weather had been very windy earlier in the week before the event but on the day it was flyable and rain free.

Members had travelled from many parts of the country Newcastle, Watford, Crewe and Norfolk .
The event was supported by 25 flyers with a great number(45) of fantastic models being flown including

3 Bullets
3 Curare plus my 25 sized version
2 Magic
A gorgeous SuperStar
A new Bar-Fli
A Taurus
Loaded Dice
Supra Fly x2
2 Upsets
Flea Fli
Gangster 63
2 Jokers

The day started with a Pilots briefing by RMFC club chairman Steve Dunning which then allowed pilots to take to the air. From 10am to 4 pm there was continuous flying and banter only being stopped by the need for lunch,

John Morton (Burger chef extraordinaire ) arranged the barbeque to be available to all after the hunt for firelighters !!

RMFC club members enjoyed the day some flying others just watching for fun, UKCAA gatherings are to enjoy and not stop club members from having a flying day so the peg on system was in operation for all . One or two members tried the classic schedule which proved popular with on lookers but what a fantastic day it turned out to be.

Further information and pictures of the day can be found on the UKCAA website, if you are interested in joining please contact the club via their website.

Retford has supported these gatherings over the last 3 years, UKCAA are looking for other club sites to visit, if your club can help please contact them, I can guarantee everyone will have a great day.