Training aircraft


The club have obtained a new addition to their training fleet, another Buddy acquired at the November RMFC swap meet.

At the moment the aircraft is under going a full air worthiness check before the start of the 2018 flying season


In 2016 our over worked  club trainer suffered radio failure as the Buddy had been an excellent choice of training aircraft it was decided to replace it with a new version again supplied by Elation Models.

The Midland area offered to help with some assistance, we are grateful to Alf Tunnicliffe Midland area secretary for his help.


After the RMFC trainer was stolen Steve Dunning of Elation Models offered to supply the club with a Buddy trainer.
The plane was an instant success and completed over 150 hours training new pilots at Leverton. This aircraft also holds our club record for landing 25 miles away just south of the Humber bridge after a fly away.
On take off a faulty switch meant the signal to the aircraft was lost with the plane flying out of sight.
After reporting the loss to the BMFA the club received a phone call from a farmer to say he had found our aircraft in one of his fields.
On collection it was found to be undamaged after making a text book landing. Two days after collection it was flying again


The RMFC was given a trainer by the Midland area as part of an education package to help clubs attract pilots into our sport.

After a great amount of use our trainer was unfortunately stolen from our clubhouse.

The Wots Wot was powered by an Irvine 53 using Futaba radio gear.